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These stories were last updated: Sun, 22 November

Starting My Career (fm:slut wife, 3476 words)
Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profileAdded: Nov 08 2015Views/Reads: 2049/1723 [84%]Story vote: 8.90 (49 votes)
I had an opportunity to finally start my career and I did what I had to do in order to secure my job...
The Mobile Mechanic (fm:adultery, 3553 words) [1/2]
Author: John SoloUpdated: Nov 12 2015Views/Reads: 2075/1909 [92%]Story vote: 9.33 (89 votes)
Husbands car broke down just before an important meeting so he takes the wife's car and contacts a mobile mechanic.The problem is she left her purse in her car. How does she pay the guy?
Brock and Melody on a hike (fm:one-on-one, 1558 words)
Author: Stark Picture in profileAdded: Nov 06 2015Views/Reads: 969/758 [78%]Story vote: 9.17 (30 votes)
Brock and Melody for for a hike in Colorado.
Quantum Fuck: 20> A plumb job (fm:threesomes, 3446 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profileAdded: Nov 05 2015Views/Reads: 758/555 [73%]Story vote: 9.50 (14 votes)
After Sarah’s recent revelation, I try out my newly discovered power on Heather Marshall, a dark-haired 24-year-old friend, who had to take a rain check on our regular shopping trip up West, to wait in for a plumber to fix the waste disposal in her sink.
Carla (fm:swingers, 10287 words) [1/3]
Author: dubdUpdated: Nov 20 2015Views/Reads: 1493/1117 [75%]Story vote: 9.68 (58 votes)
A case leads a police homicide detective to a swing club, awakening desires that she believed were safely buried. Those desires need to be satisfied . . .
Another summer adventure (fm:oral sex, 1823 words)
Author: The LearnerAdded: Oct 31 2015Views/Reads: 1572/819 [52%]Story vote: 8.71 (24 votes)
Two more tales of my hot summer times with Ray
Barb is introduced......BBC....... (fm:interracial, 2228 words) [1/2]
Author: AllieUpdated: Oct 27 2015Views/Reads: 3030/2444 [81%]Story vote: 9.22 (36 votes)
Barb goes on a business trip with me, and gets "higher" than my plane......
Sage Advice (fm:romantic, 7917 words)
Author: Janet FremontAdded: Oct 22 2015Views/Reads: 1413/1147 [81%]Story vote: 9.62 (21 votes)
Kate and Tom think they are in love, but are frustrated because they feel they must wait until they are sure. Then one day while walking in the woods Kate meets an older woman who give her some very good advice.
I Femmed My Guy and He Liked It (fm:fetish, 1421 words)
Author: Short Skirt SarahAdded: Oct 22 2015Views/Reads: 1648/1099 [67%]Story vote: 9.11 (19 votes)
I decided to femme my boyfriend and see if he liked it and I wasn't disappointed.
Aunt Amelia, The Model (fm:older women/men, 14972 words)
Author: JoshuaAdded: Oct 21 2015Views/Reads: 1280/1033 [81%]Story vote: 9.64 (33 votes)
A young man discovers a little known fact about his seventy-five year old aunt Amelia. When he convinces her to post for him, he discovers she has talents beyond modeling.

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