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Select one (or more) of the criteria you want to use in your search. Press the 'search' button to start the search.

  You can type a keyword that you want to look for. The search will look for this keyword in the title and description of the story (NOT in the story text itself).
  You can type a (part of) the name of the author here, to search for stories written by a particular author.
  If you only want recently added stories to show up:
Date Added during the last days.
  Select the section(s) that you want to search in:
Sections fm: straight categories
mm: gay categories
ff: lesbian categories
bi: bisexual/other categories
  If you want stories to have at least a certain vote average:
Vote average Vote average higher than
  If you want to search the actual story text (not just descriptions and titles), enter one or more words the story should contain below. In order to match, ALL words entered below must appear in the story, exactly as typed. You can only search for whole words, a search for the word "low" will not match if the word "below" appears in a story.
N E W : extended search syntax now available, see explanation below!
Story words

New: extended search syntax for the full storytext search (the last input field on the search form above):

1) You can do OR searches using the 'pipe' symbol. In order to search for 'apple' OR 'orange', you can enter:
apple | orange

2) You can do NOT searches. In other words, look for stories where words are NOT present. Put a minus symbol in front of the word that should not be present. So to look for a story that does NOT have the word 'buttplug' in the story text, enter:

3) You can look for parts of words. You can use the star ('*') wildcard for this, at the beginning and/or end of a search word.
Searching for *low will match both 'low' and 'below'
Searching for condom* will match both 'condom' and 'condoms'
Searching for *the* will match the word 'the', but also 'there' and 'panther'

4) Search for phrases. Enclose your phrase in double quotes.
Searching for "great sex" (with the double quotes) will only match stories that have that exact phrase in the text. A story with the text 'the sex was great' would NOT match this search. (In contrast, if you search for great sex (without the double quotes), the story with 'the sex was great' would also match.)

Of course, you can also combine the search options, so you could enter..
"we had great sex" -condom
.. to search for a story that has the exact phrase we had great sex, but that does NOT have the word condom anywhere in the text.

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